Fraser Valley Truck Parts FAQs

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Rim Polishing (2)

My truck rims are pitted and very dull looking. How long will it take to bring back the mirror shine to my rims?

A: Rim polishing is usually completed in 1 day, including rim removal, polishing, re-installation and truck inspection. For those in a hurry, Fraser Valley Truck Parts offers a rim exchange program. Dirty, pitted rims can be exchanged for pre-polished rims if rims of the same make are in stock. Call 604.826.2614 or 1.877.967.8585 toll-free for more information.

Where do I bring my truck to have its rims polished?

A: Our aluminum rim polishing facility is located at our facility at 32860 Mision Way, Mission, BC. Call 1-877-967-8585 to book an appointment.

Used Parts (3)

Does Fraser Valley Truck Parts offer dealerships and mechanics special pricing?

A: Yes. Call us directly at 604.826.2614 or at our toll-free number 1.877.967.8585 to learn about our special pricing for dealerships and mechanics.

Does Fraser Valley Truck Parts offer warranty on its parts?

A: Some parts do come with warranty. Please call us directly at 604.826.2614 or toll-free at 1.877.967.8585 to confirm.

Why should I buy a refurbished part or remanufactured engine instead of a new part or engine?

A: Buying a refurbished or re-manufactured truck part costs considerably less than buying a new part and, in most cases, last as long as a new part. Also, if you are looking for a hard to find part, we may have it in stock, which in some cases would be quicker than waiting to have a truck supplier order the part in for you.

Shipping & Payment (5)

Does Fraser Valley Truck Parts offer sameday shipping?

A: Yes, if ordered early enough, Fraser Valley Truck Parts offers same day shipping for local deliveries only.

Does Fraser Valley Truck Parts take care of customs paperwork or do I?

A: Yes, Fraser Valley Truck Parts can take care of customs paperwork. We have our own broker that we commonly deal with, but if you would like to use your own broker, that is fine, too.

What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Fraser Valley Truck Parts accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Debit, Letters of Credit and Wire Transfers.

Who pays for shipping?

A: The customer. We’ll package and arrange for shipping and then bill you directly.